Thursday, May 26, 2011

Walk-in-the-Woods Wednesday

Through a scheduling disaster - I had something after work literally every day this week - I was not free to take another walk in the woods yesterday. So, I had to be content with a walk around The Big Block. After a hastily consumed meal of peppers in gougere crust and grilled chicken, we scurried out the door.

Highlight of the walk: learning that these:
Credit: Richard Bartz, Munich
must have just hatched, as they were swarming all around us for the last half of the walk. Mayflies are icky things that are evidently great for fly fishing right now, though it seems that our creek is far too swollen to bother with such finely detailed bait. No, it seems that if we were to fish, really what we want to do is use one of the big fat snake-sized worms from a flowerbed on a gussied-up bamboo pole. Tom Sawyer style fishing. I'm down with that.