Thursday, January 16, 2014

Moving on up

We're leaving.

Our house, my garden, our village, our jobs, Charlotte's daycare, (most of) our friends, our state, even our geographical region.

I'm 90% excited, 5% terrified, and 5% neutral. That 5% terror, though, is hiding, and it only pops out in the darkness. Come daytime, excitement rules.

So, let's back up a minute and I'll explain how we got here: Matt accepted a very exciting job offer in North Carolina back in November, and he moved down in early December. He's got a small apartment and is planning on spending a week back here every 4-6 weeks until we can get the house sold.

We needed some sort of change, no doubt, and this definitely qualifies as a change.

Other changes:
Charlotte talks, a lot.

Things that remain the same:
I'm running.
I'm dreaming about gardening (even though I know this will have to be a year of rest in that arena).
I'm active on Instagram:

Stay tuned! Mellow Your Soul is getting a makeover and a little more pep in its step this year. Everything else is changing, why shouldn't the blog?