Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Two-fold post.

One: wow. Schoharie County. Devastated. Truly. We are fine, house is fine. Friends' houses, not so. But, friends are accounted for. Still processing internally. Will post selected photos soon. Amazed by the general kindness of people. Heart is buoyed, faith in humanity restored.

Two: KIND bars.  Holy moses. After my failed LARA Bar experiment last week (mouth-feel issues), a friend suggested these. Mmmmh. I wish I could strike a deal with the devil and have several cases magically appear at my house.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Have I mentioned that I like running? I hate thinking about running, and I don't like running when it's hard (like, on a hill, or if it's humid), but overall I can genuinely say that I enjoy running.

For the past two years, by this point in the summer I was running 6-8 miles at a time, without too much concern. You know, other than not aggravating the femoral head bursitis I developed. But now that I have this to contend with:

I'm not running nearly as much, or a quickly, as I used to.

That is not to say that I was a fast runner in years past. No, friends, so far my PR in a long race relied upon 10:27 minute miles. I'm pretty slow. But as my track coach in high school said, I've got heart. I can plod on with the best of them. And really, I don't even get that whiny!

This month, though, my longest run has been 4.6 miles. I ran it in around 53 minutes. It kind of bothered me. I mean, what is the point of even running, if I'm going to be so slow (for me!)? But thanks to a pep talk from A.Leo, suddenly, I'm ok with it. Whereas in years past, my motivation was to continue getting PRs in races, this year, I'm content just to complete them. And since I'm running with a little friend now, my motivation is just doing the right thing. If that means slowing down, and even walking, that's cool, too.

I'm really excited to run complete the Army Ten Miler at 23 weeks pregnant. And with a little encouragement from/for A.Leo, I'm hoping to do the Stockadeathon 15k at 28 weeks.  If only that cute girl in the red t-shirt was joining me for the ATM - we could have a re-do of this photo. I'll for sure look a little different!
A.Leo, me, and my dad post-ATM last year. Thanks, A.Leo