Thursday, January 26, 2012

Decisions, decisions.

M. brought home a large tub of Nutella last week, reason 48,348 I love him.

I really, really want to bake something with it, but am so incredibly torn on what to make! I asked him if I should do a nutella pound cake or cookies. His response? Yes. To an either-or question. Cute, mister. So I'm still stumped as to what to bake. I googled "Nutella recipe" and came across a fantastic site:

Reason 1 it's fantastic: it celebrates World Nutella Day (February 5). I have now decided I would like my daughter to be born on this day. What better way to commemorate her birth than with a jarful spoonful of Nutella? Plus, it would give me an automatic theme for future birthday cakes. I hereby claim Feb. 5 as my day in the pool we have going on when she'll actually be born. FYI, Feb. 11, 12, and 14 are taken.

Reason 2 it's fantastic: 27 breakfast recipes that incorporate Nutella; 43 Nutella brownie recipes; too many cookie recipes to count; etc. There's even a category for savory and pizza recipes, for crying out loud!

This has not made my decision any easier.

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  1. Ya know I still have never even tried nutella in my life!!! You should work on that friend, hook me up with some nutella yummies :)