Sunday, February 5, 2012

World Nutella Day

Unsurprisingly, M. and I are celebrating World Nutella Day as expectant parents, rather than parents of a newborn. There are seven-and-a-half hours left, but I'm not too convinced, at this point, that Baby Girl will make an appearance today. Guess I lost the pool.

Please use your imagination for the following image:
Here is the last piece of the Nutella cheesecake I made earlier this week. I have nursed it for several days, just so I'd be able to say I had some of it on this magical day.

And now, back to reality. M. ate the last piece today, which means this:

is how I celebrated World Nutella Day.

Gus was very sad not to celebrate with me.

He is good practice for my "just say no" skillz.

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