Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Peas

Charlotte and I took advantage of the glorious afternoon to get out to the raised beds and assess the situation. The folks over at Firecracker Farm put their peas in earlier this week, and they're north of me. I felt spurred to action.

I wasn't planning on doing much out there; I had a baby strapped to my chest, and my nails were way too long to be digging in dirt. But holy cow, once I got out there and felt warm sunshine on my back and cool, wet dirt under my fingers, how could I go back inside?
Note clean fingernails. Clearly this was taken before I got in the dirt.
Last fall I tried something new, and left the stumps and roots of big plants in the beds. The theory, which I believe I found on pinterest, is that the root system will decompose over the winter, leaving you with a nicely aerated bed come spring. I think it worked, as the soil I worked today was definitely fluffier than in previous springs.

This lazy way of gardening had a totally unexpected benefit, too: I do believe there's some over-wintered lettuce! I can't be positive, because I've lost my planting schema from last year. I'm going to let it be and see what it turns into. Overwintering tender plants doesn't typically happen 'round here, but The Winter That Wasn't made for some favorable conditions. Wish I'd known that was gonna happen - I'd have left all the chard, too! I'm all for a head start.

And speaking of head starts, I'm getting out there again to get some early peas in. Last year was my first year growing peas, and boy do I love 'em. This year I'm going to try staggered plantings, so I don't get caught in an inundation of the sweet little orbs like I did last June.

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