Monday, April 23, 2012

Two months!

How is this little chunk already two months old? At her 2 month pediatrician appointment, she weighed in at 10 lbs 5.5 oz (nearly 2 lbs up from the one month appointment!), and measured 22.5 inches (1.5 inches longer than last month).

This is her at one month:

And here she is at two months:
She likes:
bath time
kisses from Gus

She dislikes:
Dada's scratchy beard
being carried in a cradle hold
being held if you're not paying attention to her

1 comment :

  1. Oh how wonderful!! I LOVE babies and always will. They either are delighted with me or scared to death by my exuberance. After my days as a childbirth educator and doula, I am blessed to have many young women who call me "Aunt Tana" and allow me to enjoy their babies and toddlers..... unfortunately, some of them are teenagers now!