Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend started with this:

Our new deck, on Saturday before dinner.

By the time we were ready to eat dessert, it looked like this:
I saw a few decks on Pinterest that had a checkerboard pattern, and I took a liking to them. Didn't expect Matt to actually like them also, but lo! A checkerboard deck.

All that building made someone very sleepy:

Sunday was spent gardening. Grandma babysat and I was able to get a lot accomplished. Details to follow.

Monday we went to our village's Memorial Day parade. It. Was. Hot. When we left for the parade, which was all of half a block from our house, it was overcast. After a while, though, the sun came out, and the temperature (and level of general crankiness) skyrocketed. I fetched an umbrella for the baby:

But it was still too hot, so we retreated to the shade of a big maple tree. Unfortunately, people had parked their cars on Main Street, so we had to stand to see the parade.
She only stayed like that for a little while because her drool was dripping onto Matt's face. Cue hysterical laughter!

Charlotte really, really liked the marching bands. Her dad and her grandma both participated in marching band when they were in middle school, so maybe she'll continue the tradition.

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