Friday, June 29, 2012

Mountain men!

Those who know me can likely imagine the excitement I felt when I saw an ad for a 19th century encampment of American Mountain Men about 45 minutes south of here. I somehow convinced Matt that this would be a worthwhile event to attend, so on Sunday, we packed Charlotte into the car and headed back in time.

Before I show you pictures, I'd like to just say that it was SO FLIPPING COOL to see these guys in their elements. Once upon a time, I was an anthropology major, and while I never took a class on basketweaving, I did take a class on flintknapping.
Dear god I was young. Also, I made that point!

So this past weekend, I really enjoyed talking shop with the knapping mountain man. We missed the tomahawk throwing demonstration, which was incredibly disappointing, but did get to visit in the teepee.

Ha, photobombed by a mountain man. Pretty sure that doesn't happen very often!

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