Friday, August 24, 2012

Breaking news

We Matt lowered Charlotte's crib mattress tonight, probably 2 weeks after we should have done it. I'd read online that it can be helpful for the kid to spend a little time in the crib once the mattress is lower, because otherwise it can feel too much like a new place? I don't know about that, but I don't like waking up multiple times to tend to a screaming baby, so I put her in there with a few stuffed animals.

I took this photo, and while trying to come up with a cute caption for Instagram (follow me: joie_12), some movement caught my eye.
And then I had to quick get out of Instagram and take a picture. Ok, several. Then I ran downstairs to get Matt, who came up, and she was STILL standing.

Then she got all excited and started bouncing like she does in her jumper or exersaucer.

And she fell over. Oh, mo.

I have a feeling she will sleep very well tonight! Lots of exercise for this little munchkin.

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  1. Love the crossed legs in picture #2. What a little lady!