Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas recap

 We had a quiet Christmas at home, just the tree three of us. So much fun to wake up in our own beds and bring a sleepy baby downstairs for her first Christmas.
 Our tree. It's decorated with crocheted snowflakes (very exciting for the cats), some gold shatter-proof balls, and gold ornaments. I thought for sure Charlotte would be into the whole tree thing, but I think its spikiness put her off; she didn't try to play with it at all.

Matt gave me an iPhone for Christmas. He also made one out of cardboard - that was meant to be for me, but Charlotte latched onto it and really seems to love it. And, see that package of rope at her feet? Apparently, when the two of them were shopping, she kept reaching for it. That was her gift to me. Every time I pass it, I smile. So thoughtful, that kid.

The cat got a present, too. What do you think - does that box make his butt look big?

 Matt made eggs and sausage, and I made a cinnamon bun cake. Everyone enjoyed it all.

A white Christmas! That was very exciting to me. I'm trying to remember, but I think we only ever had snow at Christmas once growing up. Happens a lot more up here, and I love it - as does Charlotte! We have a snow bunny on our hands. She really digs looking out the window at it. Fortunately, we have it in spades now.

 We went for a hike with the dog at a county forest nearby. I think this is going to be our Christmas tradition - family hikes. We'll have to get a bigger backpack next year!

Our neighbors invited us over for Christmas lasagna. Charlotte wore her party dress and party shoes and was a doll. I cannot get over how much I love this kid!

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