Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter, 2013

We spent Easter weekend with Matt's family this year. His cousins were visiting from Baltimore, with a three-and-a-half year old, and she thought it'd be fun to try an Easter egg hunt for the girls. Cousin Kelsey was a great little role model to Charlotte. It was so sweet to watch them together!

Charlotte thought it'd be fun to take the grass out of her basket. So, Grandma and I took all the grass out. Charlotte was left with an empty basket, but hey, she didn't mind. (Also, she cheated and found that egg well before we started actually hunting for them)

We hid some eggs outside. Charlotte spent most of our time outside like this:

She's definitely going to be the kid in left field who stays busy picking clover. Grandma helped:

What can I say? The girl really loves spending time outside. Once we came inside, Charlotte seemed to be less distracted, and she finally figured out the point of the exercise.

We tried taking some Easter pictures.

But she is willful, that one.

Sharing the bounty with Aunt Jess:

Charlotte's first Easter was a non-event, but she did seem to enjoy her second!

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