Thursday, May 16, 2013

Four weddings (and hopefully no funerals)

Last year, my "little sis" Allie asked me if I would officiate her wedding. Awwww. Of course I did! I love to talk, how could I pass up this opportunity?

Well, then her sister Katie asked if I'd officiate her wedding. Sure!

And then Katie's friend Lisa asked if I'd officiate her wedding. Why not!

And then, Allie's husband's cousin wondered if I'd officiate her wedding. Definitely!

It started off as a fluke, but I have to say, I get so much joy out of officiating weddings. Katie's wedding was this past weekend, in Rockport MA, and it was beautiful. Charlotte was the flower girl, which was hysterical because, well, that child marches (or doesn't, as it turned out) to the beat of her own drummer.

Below, a selection of photos:
 Pre-wedding. This is the only picture I have of the headband, which she (very clearly) refused to wear.
Charlotte and Allie walking down the aisle. This was just before Allie tried putting her down to walk. That didn't work, either; she processed in Allie's arms.

Post-ceremony, playing in the chairs.

 Party dress. At this point, she wanted nothing to do with anyone except me.

Blushing bride, cranky flower girl, officiant. 

It is SO HARD to be this girl. Sometimes she just can't take the difficulty.


  1. Best officiant (and flower girl) eva!

  2. How cool that you're officiating!

    Charlotte is such a cute little flower girl! It's definitely difficult, though, getting these little ones to do the song and dance required of them at weddings! :)