Monday, July 29, 2013

First trip to the beach

The hotel we stayed in for Katie's wedding in Rockport, MA was right on the beach, in this nice cove, and was a 4 minute walk from downtown Rockport. It was perfect for what we needed, and we were next door to a family of 5, so I didn't have to feel badly about Charlotte's periodic screaming fits.

Saturday morning we ventured down to the beach. It was my first time at a northern beach, and the water was so clear! It was Charlotte's first time at any beach.
 She was ok at first.

But then a wave came up a little higher than we were expecting and her feet got wet.

So I took her shoes off and she didn't like it.

After a little coaxing, she walked down the beach holding Dadu's hand. They found some cool shells, rocks, and a sand dollar, and then they said hi to all the seagulls.

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