Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Overanalyzing, comme d'habitude.

For someone who usually has no problem expressing herself, I'm suddenly feeling quite shy about this whole blogging bit. Why am I doing this? What am I trying to accomplish? Why am I over-analyzing this activity that so many of my peers participate in?

I suppose the answer to the last question is irrelevant, yet central to my being. The first two, upon reflection, don't really matter. Why do I do so many of the things I do? Simply because I am occasionally taken by whimsy.
  • Whimsy. Definition 1: Whim - a capricious or eccentric and often sudden idea or turn of mind
Sometimes it rules my life, and frankly I find those times to be incredibly enjoyable. For example, my abrupt decision to get a sex in the city cupcake from Coccadotts today, as opposed to my plan to get a chocolate-covered pretzel rod.

So on that whimsical note, je laisse les bon temps rouler!

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