Friday, April 9, 2010

Two glorious nights in a row

Wednesday was warm warm warm, so I cranked up the Jay-Z CD on the way home and did the head bob with the windows open in Duanesburg. I'm very cool, I know. Laced up the new running shoes, on which I am not 100% sold, and took the dog out for a short pre-dinner run. We went out one of the country lanes near home, and I let him off leash once we were past the trafficky areas. I <3 living in the country sometimes.

Seeing him race up and down the drainage ditches made me realize a few things: running is a really good way to be really happy; my dog has entirely too much energy; I can't remember ever being as happy about something as he seemed to be about running in the water. We didn't go fast (ok, I didn't go fast. 3.24 in roughly 33 minutes) but when I got home I was content. It's not often that I feel completely at peace with the world and everyone in it, but for about 20 minutes that night, I did.

The evening was improved by dinner; Thai turkey burgers with peanut sauce. Salad on the side, as usual. AND we watched the end of a movie in French, which is a special treat for me.

Last night was gorgeous because I was able to lay out on a beach towel (and pillow! Always keep both in the car.) in Washington Park. Got licked on the forehead by a few dogs, which was a bit unexpected. Nearly finished a fantastically fluffy and funny book by Lisa Lutz, then enjoyed falafel and stuffed grape leaves for dinner. Got complimented on my presentation for work, and had a good drive home.

High expectations that tonight will match the last two in awesomeness. Step one to accomplishing this: Zweigl's hot dogs for dinner. Considering a step .5: jogging with the dog. Have to find my motivation for the Army Ten-Miler in October. Anyone up for doing a duathlon with me this summer? I've decided I'm d-o-n-e with swimming.

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