Monday, April 12, 2010

9.77 - for reals

Went for a walk with the dog and M. yesterday. Keeping in mind M.'s complete lack of activity over the past 2 months, I had no idea what to expect. We did 9.77 miles in 3h20m! With a total climb of 770 feet. We are beasts. Also we are very tired.

I think what surprised me the most was the fact that, for the first time ever, I seem to be in better shape than M. This is astonishing - he could always be counted on to beat me up hills, down hills, and on flats. Last year I bought a road bike. He still beat me - on a mountain bike, with fat knobbies. How embarrassing. Yesterday, however, he had to stop when we were going up the first big hill, and I didn't need to (I did, though, because I am a dutiful wife).

After finally making it home - the last two miles took FOREVER and I may have whined a few times - we popped Gus in the kennel and went to my favorite store. Tractor Supply Co and I have a deep deep bond. Yesterday it was strengthened by the presence of pullets! And ducklings! They are so cute. But also kind of smelly. We left there with a new hi-protein no-grain dog food, a few more seed packets, peat pots, a new thermal shirt for me, and various and sundry lawn mower-related goods.

Yesterday's true highlight (this is punny, you'll get it in a minute) was setting up my grow light for seeds. Now there's an otherwordly glow coming from under the door of the guest room. I checked them last night before going to bed, and M. laughed at me and reminded me that it takes longer than 5 hours for seeds to germinate. Seriously, they can't do something to speed up the process?

This week should be a good one. Endoscopy tomorrow to rule out celiacs (please please please rule it out!) so hunger is once again on the schedule. Get to start outdoor housework this week - planting sweet peas, cutting down last year's stalks and general cleaning. M. says he's going to build my raised beds for the square foot garden this week. We'll see if it happens.

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