Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An ode to my sorels*... or, why I didn't lose any toes

*with an assist from Keats.

Thou still-unmarred bride of joy!
Thou descendant of bean boots and mukluks!
Thou hast well surpassed the pleasures of a toy
Having joined boots for snow and boots for ducks.
In guarding my phalanges big and small,
Thou giveth warmth and tenderness.
Thine appearance is homely, tis true.
But in allowing me to truly stand tall,
I have felt something unfamiliar: greatness.
All this would not be possible without you!

I spent at least 7 hours standing on a minimum of 8 inches of ice this weekend, and never once did my toes go numb - a true feat, given that they do that at least once a week while in the house. I didn't even need toe warmers! And the added weight of 2" of rubber sole really gave me a great leg workout.

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