Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My family plays a card game called Liverpool. Very few people have ever heard of this game. A.Leo's family plays a card game called Liverpool. When we discovered this, we knew immediately that we were sisters from different misters.

We brought her then-roomie into the fold. Epic tournaments took place. Names were called, hands were slapped. I perfected the art of amassing as many points as possible (decidedly not the way to win). We took turns hosting and ate delicious food; I fondly remember the nutella pound cake we had one night, and the fancy grilled cheese sandwiches we had another. But eventually, time went on and everyone moved out of Albany and the games became few and far-between.

And so it was with great excitement that A.Leo and I planned a weekend in Long Island to visit her former roomie.  We drove down after work on Friday, ate dinner at a diner - omg the curly fries - and went to bed early.  A. and I went for a run Saturday, and then the 3 of us got breakfast sandwiches and took the LIRR into the city.

After a very cold walk from Penn Station, we got cupcakes for lunch at Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village, which is very famous as evidenced by the numbers of women stuffed into the tiny storefront. Then we walked (and walked and walked and walked) to dash, which is also very famous as evidenced by the honest-to-god LINE on the sidewalk. We did not enter the Kardashian's store. Then, one final stop at Macy's so I could see the wooden escalators which were so cool. I am embarrassed that we didn't get any photos of our day.

The true highlight of the weekend was Saturday evening. We played 3 games of Liverpool. I won the first game. I was perhaps a bit rude in my celebrations, as karma struck me down and made me lose the 2nd (ok, in reality, the tv was on and she is a cruel mistress. I felt compelled to watch it. Wouldn't you?). I fought back, though, and won the 3rd, too. It was glorious. As a habitual loser, I relished the feeling of victory - especially since I know it will probably never happen again.

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