Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bowling for bumpers

See that floating thing in the pond? That's a bumper. It's a canvas cylinder stuffed with foam, with a rope attached to it for ease of throwing; they are designed to train retrievers. We use it to exercise the dog when we are lazy and don't feel like running. But sometimes, he is also lazy. Especially when the pond has only recently thawed and the air temp is around 40. Mister Gus does not like to get his belly wet. Come on, we've all been there, trying to tiptoe our way into the pool - the most painful moment is the tender belly area. I can't really blame him.

And so, faced with the inevitable loss of a $10 bumper, M. invented a new sport. I call it bowling for bumpers. Here's what it looks like:

Lest you think we are cruel, doggie-hypothermia-inducing folk, I should note that that same reluctant pooch took a flying leap into the swollen Schoharie Creek two weeks ago, entirely of his own accord. He just lacked motivation this time around. 

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  1. OMGOSH GUS!!!!! Im going to go give him some snacks this afternoon...maybe ill make him a whole sandwhich :)poor little guy lol