Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Terriffic Tuesday.

Last night was gorgeous - warm and sunny - and since we were having leftovers for dinner, I was feeling footloose and fancy free. I changed into a running skirt, tshirt, and old sneakers, and headed up to Landis Arboretum for a mid-week trek.

We walked a bit more than 2 miles over hill and dale. One of my favorite things in all of Schoharie County is this tree, which has pride of place at the arboretum.

It is old. Lore has it that the tree was around in George Washington's time. It's sustained lightening strikes, ice storm damage, and who knows what other types of damage, but still stands strong and tall atop the hill.

Another favorite thing of mine is mud. We've got plenty of it at this time of year. Who in Upstate NY doesn't, though? I knew it'd be a sloppy mess up in the woods, but I somehow thought I would emerge unscathed and unsullied by the mud. What? Intellectually, I was aware that I'd have to slog through puddles. But I was unaware the I would have to slip and slide my way down hills on trails that more closely resembled a swamp. Seriously, I almost lost my shoe in the muck a few times. At the end, I'm not sure who ended up dirtier, me or the dog.

I love that it looks like I have the world's most pronounced sock tan line.

I loved last night because my typical weeknight is spent inside cooking, watching tv, and sometimes cleaning up after dinner. This was a fantastic break from that monotony. Also: my peas have sprouted!

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