Friday, May 6, 2011

Warring factions

Economy's in a hole, gas is up up up, and simple living is back in style. I'm down with that, I really am. But there's a little bitty battle being waged in my mind.

Consider these two viewpoints:

1. Weaning oneself off the sugar tit of conspicuous consumption is something we should all strive to do. Our actions will affect future generations, so it's important to live mindfully and with a small footprint upon the earth.

2. Buying new non-durable goods is beneficial to the economy. I like to buy things because it's fun and it makes me feel better; they don't call it retail therapy for nothing. I don't bother reusing things, it's inconvenient to do so and my time is very valuable.

Then think about which one you agree with more.

I am really, seriously torn about this.While on one hand I want to try to make things myself, be more ecologically-minded, and not contribute to the rampant consumerism, on the other hand I really like stuff. Clothes, shoes, jackets, books, more clothes... I am fond of these things.

Oh, sure, I could go thrifting and save myself both money and angst, but the deeper issue is that I don't really like used things. There. I said it. I like new clothes. I like new shoes. I like new books. Being the first owner of something makes me excited. I like going into stores like Nordstrom and Anthropologie and spending a disgusting amount of money on a single item. I don't even feel particularly guilty about it.

But as I try to live more mindfully and really consider my actions, the materialistic side is starting to chafe under the new shackles. This morning, I went to Target. I looked at all of the shiny new things (the Calypso line, for example, and the mirrored side tables) and I swear to you, if I had actually remembered my wallet, mama would have walked out with way more than a bag of doggie doo bags.

What's a girl to do?!

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