Thursday, May 19, 2011

Walk-in-the-Woods Wednesday

I think I need to make this mid-week woods-walking a habit. It's so cool to see how much things change in just a few weeks. Remember this?

Now it's this:

S You know it's spring when I can walk around saying "say hello to my little friend, Mr. Red Eft!"

Seriously, when I say little, I mean little.
Of the eight efts that I saw, he was the smallest. That's my left hand looming in the foreground. He was itty-bitty and I loved him for it.
And a memory for the road: my grandmother used to say that my they found my brother under a toadstool. In my mind, he came from a society that would see this as a perfect place for...

...a tea party. Can't you just picture porcelain demi-tasses and crustless sandwiches on top of that moss tablecloth?

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