Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Organizing thoughts

My new house-style kick has got my brain going in a hundred different directions. I have so many ideas and need to winnow them down. It doesn't help that I've spent the last few days skimming through bunches of design blogs. One of them,, posted a list of all the things they hope to accomplish around their gorgeous home. I love me a list. So here's mine, for now.

Things That Could Reasonably Be Accomplished
Hang new artwork in kitchen
Make a new display on the cupboard in living room
Clean rug and deploy in guest room
Make use of hanging herb planter inside
Edit display in corner cabinet
Paint laundry area grey
Finish knitting throw for chair by wood stove
Paint glider by wood stove
Frame sari in shadowbox and hang in dining room or guest room #1
Bigger frame for Adirondack mapRefinish or paint secretary in dining room
Teak oil the table
Window coverings in living room, kitchen, and laundry area
Re-organize glass-fronted cabinets in kitchen
Find some sort of art for upstairs bath
Find more art for master bedroom
Find something for guest bedroom #1 walls

$$ Fixes
New (old) chairs for dining room
New light above dining room table

Fixes I Can't/Won't Do Alone
Recover cushions for glider by wood stove
Finish built-ins by wood stove
Build stand for vintage tin ballot box
Repaint stairwell and hallway

I feel so much better after making this list. I really hope to add more as I think more about what I'd like the house to look like. In the meantime, let's see how many items I can cross off!

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