Friday, June 17, 2011

A dispatch from Max.

This is Max. He's 15. He's going to be your guide through my weekend adventures in Washington DC. He would like you to know that usually his hair does not look like that; I'd just woken him up. He lives with my parents and spends most of his time chilling inside the air conditioned house.

Thursday: Some strange person has entered my house. I feel the second set of vibrations on the wood floor that let me know someone else is here, so I rouse myself and investigate. Sniff sniff. She is not particularly interesting, and I'm pretty sure mom has a treat for me, so I'll just go bother her.

Friday: The boring lady is back again. She tried taking me for a walk. I told her and told her and told her that I don't walk without mom. She picked me up and carried me half a block. Oh, the indignity! I ran back to make sure nothing had happened to mom. She did it again. I reminded her she should respect her elders and marched back in the house.

Saturday: I think that evil walking woman is leaving. She makes mom and dad happy, which I suppose is nice, but really, can't a boy get some treats?

Ok, so Max didn't really enjoy my visit. I sure did! More to come.

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