Friday, June 3, 2011

If it's broke round here, we fix it.

(A true modern-country devotee recognizes that line from the previously mention Song of 2011.)

Though I'm sure I haven't many readers, I do like to think that there are at least a few hardy souls who follow along with my misadventures. But I never really know, because comments have been working stupidly on the darn blog since probably March. So I've sat here, feeling sad and lonely, with no comments.

An email from Marissa led me to investigate this further. It was broke, and I fixed it.

I feel almost as competent as I did last night! Now, I happen to know many inconsequential facts. Usually they are not helpful, though. Yesterday, as I walked out the office door to my car, I saw a young woman with the hood of her car up. Seeing as I'm a supremely helpful, caring, and compassionate soul, I ventured over and told her that while I probably wouldn't be able to do anything, I could at least lend her moral support while she read the manual.

You should know that cars are not a topic about which I am knowledgeable.

The oil light is on, she says, and I don't know how to check the level.

Well, color me shocked, dear reader, because here is something that I can actually do. So, we check the level and it's fine. Then we read further, and discover that the oil light is not indicative of a level problem, but of a pressure problem. At this point, a strapping fellow walks over and asks if everything is alright. Figuring he would be our knight in shining armor, we tell him what we've learned. Nothing doing - he knew even less than we did! She decides to try it again, maybe it was a fluke. Turns the car on, no warning light. So I suggest to her she sort of baby it home and keep an eye on the temperature.

She didn't know how to do that.

Look, I realize that few people really care about the inner workings of a car. But aren't they ever curious about that gauge above the gas gauge? Do they not see it? I'm the first to admit that I can at times be focused to the point of blindness, but this was hard to fathom.

The final result, though, was that I was totally her savior, and my knowledge saved the day! Wherever you are, lady with black car, I hope you made it home safely.

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  1. omgosh you are beyond cute! And that was very nice of you, alot of people these days dont stop to help strangers! Good job neighbor :)