Friday, June 3, 2011

That Song

I'm an unabashed fan of modern country music, especially if it has a hint of some other type of music - pop or rap, in this case. I heard this song on the radio a week ago and made a unilateral decision that it would be That Song from 2011. In our small group of friends, That Song from 2010 was Country Fried by the Zach Brown Band. It helps that M. and Zach Brown very closely resemble one another.

So last Friday, during our first bonfire party of the year, I announced my decision. It was accepted unanimously, and we must have played it four or five times over the course of the evening. And every day since I have tirelessly switched back and forth between two country radio stations, searching for That Song.

But since I know y'all don't really care to hear what I think about it, and just want to hear it...

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