Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Make new friends

As the daughter of a woman who is strongly against non-typical grains, I have a hard time even convincing myself that whole wheat bread is good. Pasta, rice, dumplings: these are my comfortable carbs. But I know that those are not too high on the list of good-for-you foods, so I try to be better, really I do. I use 'fancy' pasta with lots of fiber and protein, don't eat rice very often, and eat oatmeal bread. Even I know that these are pretty half-hearted attempts. I also know I should probably find a way besides cheese to get more protein...

So. When my neighbor offered me a taste of her quinoa tabouleh, I figured I'd man up and give it a try.

 (There's supposed to be a picture here, but Blogger is being a brat) 

Wow. Quinoa tastes surprisingly normal. The texture is not as off-putting as I expected it to be, the tabouleh aspect was delicious, and the 5 grams of protein per half-cup serving is nothing to sneeze at. For serious, I think I may actually have just added a new food to my comfort zone.

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