Monday, June 27, 2011

I heart Craigslist.

Lat year, we spent a weekend at a friend's cottage in the Finger Lakes. The highlight of the trip was, without a doubt, her vintage metal glider. It.was.awesome. Ever since then, I've been half-heartedly looking for one of my own. Craigslist was not kind, however, so a full year has gone by and I've been sadly glider-less.

M. and I were talking about how we missed sitting on the porch in the evening, and he remarked that we'd be more likely to sit out there if, you know, we had more than one chair. A valid point, I thought, so I resumed my Craigslist search. And lo! A glider! On the cheap! I emailed post haste, and arranged to pick it up on Sunday. The owner assured me it was mechanically sound, just needed a new cover for the cushions.

Here it is on our porch. I love the color of the frame - I am a complete and total sucker for anything green - and feel fairly confident I can figure out some way to recover the cushions without actually sewing. (Ideas, anyone?) But for now, I'm going to toss a sheet over it and enjoy my $50 glider.

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