Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The importance of carrying cash money.

Yesterday was stressful. You don't really need to know more than that. As a result of the stress, I exited my parking space at work a bit more quickly than necessary, and ran over the curb. This is not a particularly unusual occurence.This, however, is:
 Honestly, I hit a curb at least once every six months. I truly believed that it was impossible to get a flat tire because of it.

Clearly I was mistaken. Cue more stress. After a approximately 572 hours on the phone with AAA, I had just enough time to run to the restroom at Target before my knight in yellow armor showed up. He brought with him his two sons, aged 7 and 9ish. They were helpful, funny as all get out, and lightened my soul immensely. I was grateful they were there. And then I thought, I should tip them.

Only,  I never carry cash. At one point my grandmother gave me a little coin purse with a $20 bill in it because I admitted to her that I nearly got stuck on the New Jersey Turnpike because I didn't have the cash to pay the toll. I've tried to keep a stash in the car in case something like this happens, but often I find myself dipping into it to buy something. Like at a garage sale - you know, cuz they don't take debit cards.

I hemmed and hawed - I wanted to tip the little guys, but wasn't sure I had small bills. I could just give the dad a larger bill, but I didn't think the kids would react the same. A little digging, however, revealed small bills in a corner of my wallet. And now I have put small bills into my coin purse. Because the looks on those kids faces as I handed them their own tips? Made my day. Thanks, kids.

(also, thank you spare tire for getting me home safe and sound, albeit feeling like an idiot)

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