Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home

I was out trying desperately to keep up with the lettuce, and spotted this little lady on a leaf. 
... which was lovely, and reminded me of when I was walking down the driveway and looked down at my t-shirt to discover a ladybug was hitching a ride. I'm pretty sure it was good luck. Every time I see a ladybug (or a red cardinal) I feel like I'm sure to have at least a little bit of luck for that day.

I think I used up my luck in growing this lettuce. I've got to start giving it away! I have an "eyes bigger than belly" problem when it comes to planting seeds...

Those beds are 4x4, and the lettuce is roughly planted in a 1' row. This is a lot of lettuce for 2 people - even for 2 hungry people it's a lot of lettuce!

And speaking of overzealous seed-sowing...
 What am I going to do with snap pea vines that are 6' tall??? I have roughly 6 linear feet of these, too. Yeesh. I wish I actually liked them!

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