Thursday, August 11, 2011


That's not a typo. That's an "oh my baby!"

You heard it right, readers, Mellow Your Soul is going to be a whole lot less mellow in six months. Operation: Baby was a resounding success. We're pretty much over the moon.

I'm on week 13 now. I think my energy is coming back, which is fantastic. Despite an ultrasound, the pregnancy still doesn't feel real, but I came out at work this week and am really looking forward to not trying to hide my growing belly. I'm running out of drapey sweaters!

I'm still running, and am planning on doing the Army Ten Miler for the third time this year. Whereas originally I'd hoped to beat my times from the past two, now I just want to finish without getting re-routed for being too slow. I'm pretty confident I can do it.

Here is my little parasite in all its glory! During the scan, Perry was definitely hosting a dance party in there. It would appear that, unfortunately, the poor child got mom's dance genes - herky jerky, spastic movements abounded. I'm kind of in love.


  1. YAY! I am so happy that Baby King has finally been announced! I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait to meet the little one :)