Thursday, September 22, 2011


We got our race numbers, and yay! I'm not in the dead-last color group at the Army Ten Miler!

Wave 3 Start Corral - 8:15 Start - You will have access to the corral between 7:20am - 8:00am only. All runners in waves 2 & 3 have the responsibility to be in their start corral by 8:00am. 
19501-24500 Orange
24501-30000 Purple

So if we walk reallllly fast and weave our way through approximately 3,000 other runners, we stand a chance of meeting the 5-mile pace requirement and being able to finish the entire race.

Only a little part of me is hoping that we'll get cut off and only get to run 8 miles. Ha.

Already I'm thinking about how my morning routine pre-ATM this year will differ from years past: I'll definitely have to have nearly a full meal, probably will have to shower, and will need to allot more time for taking care of business.

But most importantly, I'm trying to rationalize the purchase of a bump-flattering running shirt. And maybe a longer running skirt. These thighs can only rub together so long before they'll start a fire!

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