Thursday, September 22, 2011

That there? That's a...

We celebrated with Baby * Brownies. They were delicious (seriously, if you want to try the world's fudgiest, crackly-toppiest, kinda-like-boxed-brownies-only17-times-better, make these).

Anyways, we had our ultrasound yesterday! Baby looks great, although frankly I'm pretty sure I saw the Scream mask floating around in there a few times. Everything was just right. Immediately following the scan, M. and I got on our phones and proceeded to be that weird couple in the waiting room that's not talking because we were too busy with the phones. We must have sent out 20 texts before we got called back to have the regular appointment.

Other exciting news: according to the scale at the doc's office, my weight? It is great. Because I'm anal, I wore pretty much the same outfit I wore last time; it's pretty much the lightest thing I own. Not sure what I'll do come winter.

But here's what you've been waiting for:

Courtesy of my lovely co-workers!

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  1. Did you hear a loud, high-pitched squeal of joy after sending your text to me? Cuz there was one. I'M SO EXCITED!