Sunday, October 16, 2011

Recipe for rest day

Today is Sunday. I've made a vow to myself today - I shan't be changing out of my color-coordinated, alma-mater'd sweatsuit. I'm classy like that.

I know, though, that days spent on the couch in pursuit of rest only result in a feeling of restlessness, so I've devised a way to get through the day that will not only let me feel mellowed, but productive.

That's right, folks, I'm putting my appliances to work!

First up: freezer-carcass chicken stock.

Next: crock pot apple sauce. 

Finally: roasted tomato soup (ok, and a banana-chocolate chip bundt cake, which looked amazingly unappetizing in the photo).

The really lovely thing about these foods is that, once everything is cut and added to the proper cooking vessel, I can sit my lazy bum on a chair-and-a-half and snoogle with two cats and the dog and a good book. Ultimately, the apple sauce and stock are destined for the canners, and the soup is destined for the freezer. Let's not fool ourselves - that cake is destined for mah belly. So not only do I get a productive-yet-restful day out of it, I get a good amount of food for the winter!

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