Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things I'm curious about but can't seem to answer with Google.

-If I'm washing the blanket that covers the dog's ridiculously oversized bed, does that count as "bedding" when it comes to selecting a washing machine setting?

(Seriously. The dog sleeps on a full-size futon mattress that's been folded in half. It's the most comfortable bed in the house.)

-Speaking of blankets, how can I learn to stop hogging them at night?

-If there's coyote scat on the road that I walk on when walking the dog, do I need to fear for my life? Like, irrationally fear? Or would that be a rational one?

-Why the heck would a coyote poop on the road, anyways? That seems a little exposed to me. Especially when there's woods and also a lovely meadow on both sides of the road.

I welcome any and all responses to the questions posed above.

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