Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I love DC in the fall.

My five days in DC passed in a whirlwind. I had an early(ish) flight Wednesday morning, which started the whole trip off on the right foot. Why's that, you ask?
Because on Southwest, pregnant women can pre-board. Yes, that's my second-row seat! I don't like the bulkhead. I'd rather have my carry-on at my feet. I took this picture explicitly to send to my brother in a boastful moment.  I have no idea what I did for the rest of the day. Lunch with my bestie? Shopping? Seems likely.

Thursday my dad and I went for a walk on the C + O Canal, and came across this totally prehistoric looking heron. Dad is far braver than I, and got to within 10 feet of the pterodactyl. I hung back and flirted with hyperventilating. My bird phobia continues.

I conscripted my bro into helping me with some individual apple galettes for Thanksgiving dinner. How cute is he in his vest and apron? He is about the most precise person I know, and the apples he sliced were just about perfect. Mine, though done in a fraction of the time, were not perfect. Those two phrases could be applied to our lives in general. It's probably why I love him.

Thanksgiving dinner was outstanding. We went to our family friends' house (ancestral manse of my bestie) and feasted, then played board games, then feasted some more. It was like being in a sit-com.

Friday my mom's friend threw me a baby shower, which was so kind of her. I had a fantastic time. Please to excuse the poor lighting. I hope to scrounge up more photos to share from others who were in attendance. My mom and I have incredibly generous friends, and I feel lucky to know them!

Since I'm not running anymore, I tried to walk at least a little every day I was there. The weather was gorgeous (hello 70 degrees in late November!) and it's so easy to walk in my parents' neighborhood. Mom and I took Max for a walk one morning. I knew Max was old, but I didn't realize this is how most of their walks conclude:
Is he not the cutest? I love how he crosses his hind legs and just chillaxes. I told Mom she needs to get him a stroller. I'm pretty sure he'd dig it.

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