Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who thinks of these things?

Last night, we had tuna melts and salad for dinner (omg yes, on seedless rye with cheddar, and pickled peppers instead of relish), so I spent a little time dicing an onion. I washed my hands and carried on with life.

Fast-forward several hours to me lying serenely in my bed, hands tucked under my cheek. Then, watch my nose wrinkle. At that point, it was far too late to do anything about the horrible smell - onions mixed with cocoa butter body lotion - emanating from my hands. In the morning, I washed my hands with every different kind of soap I could find, both at home and at work. I tried the stainless-steel-spoon trick. I tried covering it up with more lotion. My hands, they still stunk.

At that point, I turned to my preferred method of self-soothing: complaining. It helped, a little.

And then, it helped a lot.

Because of my complaining, my co-worker passed on a tip she'd just read on Yahoo: coffee grounds as an odor neutralizer. And apparently, a lot of other things, as well!

I am thrilled to report that rubbing coffee - in this case, Master Roaster Maxwell House - on hands until the skin is a little tender really does get rid of the smell.

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