Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thanksmas recap

1. I'm never not spatchcocking a turkey again. So moist! So fast! It did garner a lot of comments about where I acquired a roadkill turkey, though...Also note that his ankles are hanging off the cookie sheet. I made him little leg warmers out of foil to try to prevent turkey grease from dripping onto the bottom of my oven. One was successful, one was not. At least now I can enjoy the fragrant scent of roast turkey every time I turn on the oven.

 2. The andouille dressing was fantastic. I deviated from the recipe somewhat, because I felt the proportions were off for what I had in mind. What you see below was only slightly more than the recipe called for in terms of add-ins, so I put in half again as much cornbread as required. Rave reviews.

3. I really, really love having other people bring food. Thanks for the help, girls!

4. We played a most excellent game called Smart Ass. Heartily recommend for trivia-minded and non-trivia-minded folk alike.

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  1. You did a fab job!! Everyhting was beyond delish...I cant wait for next year!!!! You forgot to mention your amazing pecan pie, which may have been my favorite part =)