Friday, December 16, 2011

My DIY homegrown nursery plans

I'm not sure I ever mentioned it on here, but about 4 months ago, we found what we considered to be the perfect farm. It had 75 acres, barns in great shape, a good house, at the end of a dead-end road, all for a reasonable price. We listed our house, and crossed our fingers that it would sell before someone came along and snatched the rug out from under us. Naturally, it did not.

Incidentally, both M. and I think we jinxed ourselves by thinking too much about all the possibilities of the farm. For crying out loud, we spent an evening talking about what kind of awesome barn party we could have over the summer.

The biggest advantage to "losing" the farm is that now, I know for certain what house I'll be bringing Baby home to. I hadn't really allowed myself to think too much about nursery details prior to a few weeks ago, simply because I didn't want to get attached to one specific room, and then end up in a different room in a different house (in a different town, in a different county!). But now, oh, now, let the imagination flow!

Here's my incredibly rudimentary style board.
We have the crib already (thanks, in-laws!) and that fabric is going on the chaise lounge from my grandmother's old house. I have the materials to make the mobile, though am lacking in motivation at the moment. Additionally, I have M.'s baby quilt, which may get hung on the wall, and a super cool burlap growth chart thingamabob made by an awesome friend and gifted to us at a shower.And some old paper silhouettes of my dad and aunt as children that I snagged from The Shoppe at Mom and Dad's. 

After being pressed by a cousin to describe a "theme" for the room, I came up with multicolored. That was pretty lame, though, so I've since changed it to multicolored vintage. Evocative, it's not.

Even though I'm still feeling pretty darn unprepared for the arrival of this little one (really, how could I ever be prepared for such a thing?) I know at least that I'll have a cute room to serve as an escape from the dog!

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