Thursday, January 12, 2012

Twelve months of parties for 2012

Emily at West of the Loop had such a fantastic idea that I felt an urge to not only follow her blog, but follow suit.

Twelve months of parties in 2012.

She's going to follow this schedule:
January — Family dinner party (casual)
February — Superbowl party
March — Adult dinner party (elegant)
April — Passover Seder
May — Mother’s Day Tea
June — Brunch
July — Summer cookout
August — Cocktail party
September — Kid birthday party
October — Game night
November — Girls Night In
December — Cookie Exchange
 I may have to cheat a little and do 11 months of parties in 2012, depending. I will, however, just come out and say that I am not adult enough to have an elegant adult dinner party that is not tied to a holiday. Just not how I roll - and I'm ok with that.

Here's what I think would fit us:
January — Last hurrah party
February — Superbowl party
March — Meet the baby party
April — Easter shindig
May — Mother’s Day with the families
June — Father's Day with the families
July — Summer cookout/4th of July bonfire
August — Summer cookout
September — M's birthday party
October — Game night
November — Girls Night In
December — 12/12/12 party (because hey, who doesn't love a birthday like that?!)

March is kind of lame, but it's the best I can come up with. And I've officially decided that even if we end up physically having the party at someone else's house (cough Mother's/Father's Day cough) I'm still counting it.

And really, this entire post is accompanied by the following disclaimer:
I have no idea what the heck I'm getting myself into with this whole having-a-baby thing, and really, 'having a party' for me might amount to 'eating a complete meal.'

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