Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back in the saddle again

Running. I love it. I hate it. Several weeks ago, a flyer came in the mail for a 5k run/walk commemorating the 300th anniversary of Middleburgh, NY. So I signed up. And I signed up M, too.

The last time I ran, I looked like this:
Fittingly, for that "Great Pumpkin Challenge" race, I looked like I had swallowed a pumpkin. It felt like that, too. I miss not having a floppy belly.

That race was at the beginning of November, making it about four-and-a-half months since I last ran. So let me tell you, when I went out and did a little run-walk thing with M last week, I felt it the next day. Since then, I've gone on 2 other runs, and I didn't stop once! Sure, when Gus is literally WALKING next to me as I plod up the hills, I'm a little ashamed, but already I can tell that it's getting easier.

I won't be setting any records, but I'm looking forward to giving it a shot. Because, let's face it, running a "fast and flat" 5k will be easier than unmedicated childbirth!


  1. good luck! i have been so bad about establishing a running routine since having natalie (yes, 2 years ago... eep). but i did a 5k road race last spring that really boosted me, and even though it was h-a-r-d to get into it again, i felt really proud that my body could still do it.

    AND, do you follow jess's blog ( she just posted a bunch of tips on getting back into a running routine.

  2. Thank you for the new blog! I'm always on the lookout for new fodder for those 3:30am nursing sessions.