Friday, May 11, 2012

New project!

Man, I am in LOVE with the internet. This comes as no surprise, but really, thank you internet. You rock.

Here's why:
Last Sunday, we took our first trip as a family to get soft serve. Our usual place, which close enough to ride our bikes to, if we had an hour to spare, closed. Frownie face. So we had to expand our trip radius, and ended up going to a place just outside of Sharon Springs. It's maybe 20 minutes from home, straight down Route 20.

After gorging on fried food and soft serve ice cream, we headed back. Do note that we were driving my not-so-big car, not the pickup.

About 6 miles from home, we passed two chairs and a pile of tires. The sign on them said free, but it should have read 'rocking chair hoarders, beware.' Seriously, we have FIVE SIX rocking chairs in our house. And now we have two more:

(I do wish I'd taken a picture of the chairs in the back of my car. We had to drive on the shoulder with the hazards on. We looked like Dust Bowl refugees.)

Clearly, though, these need some work, especially the darker one. And that's where the internet came into play. Much like Janie at Thicket and Thimble,  I do not want to learn how to cane. I do not want to pay someone to re-cane them. I just want 2 matching serviceable rockers for the front porch. So I typed 'cane rocker redo' into Google and lo and behold, a plethora of ideas. In a perfect world, I would paint the chair frames before putting in new seats and backs. But, the world is not perfect, so instead a good scrubbing with some Murphy's Oil Soap will have to do.

I make no guarantees, but there is a possibility that I will have 2 useable rockers by the end of Sunday! We'll see how motivated I am this weekend.

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