Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday's pick-me-up

A friend gave me some great advice. She pleaded with me not to save the cute outfits for special occasions, because there really aren't that many. I took that to heart last week and dressed Charlotte in cute things every day. And so, to make your Monday a little sweeter, I present to you Charlotte's outfits from last week:

Grey dress and tights. I am a little bit obsessed with baby tights and dresses.

Pink and brown polka dots and stripes. The shirt may or may not have been backwards for most of the day.

Picnic table outfit. How big is Charlotte? Thiiiiis big!

Cinco de mayo/baby sprinkle outfit twins. Charlotte kept trying to eat the button on her jacket.

Admittedly, one day I was lazy and didn't feel like dealing with layers during diaper changes, so she just wore a footie sleeper thing. Still cute, but I forgot to take a picture. 


  1. Joie she is adorable...wish I was closer to you all. Shelly

  2. absolutely adorable! and, holy heck, how did she get so big suddenly?

  3. she looks like a little girl!