Monday, July 23, 2012

Unjust August

Back in June, Alex and I took part in Keight's June Va-Voom challenge. It was fun, but we came nowhere near winning - not terribly surprising, but somewhat demotivating. In July, we decided to try our own version; thus was born Oh My July. And now, I bring you Unjust August.

An aside: I'm going to need help coming up with rhymes for all the -ber months that are coming next!

Keight's challenges are focused on exercise. I found June Va-Voom was great for proving to me that you can work in work-outs throughout your day, to good effect. Honestly, it doesn't take that long to do a 30-second plank, or 5 push-ups. She's put up the August VA-VOOM challenge, and spots are open until July 31.

Unjust August takes that exercise challenge and adds in a splash of healthy living. In addition to lunges, cardio, and planks, we've got: % weight lost, fruit/veg servings, and water consumption.

So tell me, who wants in?! It's set up as a Google Doc, and I'd be happy to include you. All you'd have to do is enter your values into your assigned worksheet. The leaderboard/competition page shows who's on top, as well as a breakdown of points by category.


  1. Looking forward to kicking some much-younger bootie!