Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We experienced two different types of whirlwinds the weekend we went to vist my family - a literal one, in the form of a massive thunderstorm that knocked out power to over a million people in the Greater DC area, and a figurative one, in the form of a jam-packed trip home.

We had SO MUCH FUN. Warning: lots of pictures ahead.
We flew out of Albany on Friday. Charlotte handled it like a champ. She got a lot of compliments, too.

Saturday was family day - we hung out with my mom's side for lunch, then went to visit my dad's mom.
 This picture tickles me. Thank heaven she hasn't got any teeth yet!

 I have no words. It kills me that she is so clearly a dog lover.

Cousins and a beaming great-grandmother.

We visited with my little brother, and even went out for a baby-free nightcap.

On Sunday we had some family friends over for coffee cake and fruit. We were back at the airport by 1:45 Sunday afternoon, and back home by dinner. I think. It's been a while!

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