Friday, September 21, 2012

Dear Charlotte,

You are something else. You are such a happy kid! I can't get over how much you do. I wish, though, that you'd go back to routinely sleeping through the night.

You're starting to freak out a little when I'm around but not paying attention to you. In order for you to be happy with dada, I have to leave the room. That's how this photo happened:

Yes, he was singing Red Solo Cup. It's not entirely appropriate for your wee little ears, but he changed the lyrics around a little. Red Solo Cup, I build you up, Baby knocks you down. I really should have recorded it!

Love you to the moon!

1 comment :

  1. um..this is sooo sticking cute!!! Next time PLEASE record that lol Dont forget before you know she will be a Daddys girl (like Car) I sometimes looong for those somewhat annoying days where all she wanted was me, not to be outside "a helping Dada"