Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's been one week (since you looked at me)

Because a little Barenaked Ladies never hurt!

It's been one week since I posted about my problem with Stuff and Things. I wanted to accomplish the following:
  • I'm going to leave my office desk tidy every night. 
  • I'm going to pick out clothes for me and C, and pack lunches and diaper bags the night before.
  • I'm going to continue to strive to have a clean sink before bed.
  • I'm going to cook one weekday meal on the weekend.
I have succeeded! Wahoo! I'm creating a new night-time routine that has worked for the last seven nights, and I'm so pleased about it. I'm a little bit surprised by how free I feel, given that I am working with 'more' restrictions. It means that I don't go to bed quite as early, and I may even be a few minutes late leaving the office, but it's less to worry about in the morning. That is always a good thing.

In the next seven days, in addition to continuing to make a habit out of the earlier goals, I'm going to:

  • Put clean clothes away with 24 36 hours of washing (must. be. realistic.). 
  • Make a donate box and put something in it every day.
  • Gather up things that belong to our friends and return them.
  • Put the pot lid organizer we bought 2 months ago to use.

This is going so well that I feel inspired to make this Year of Less thing a weekly feature. So, join me as I try to simplify a little!

PS. This whole thing started because two weeks ago, I cleared the books out of the stereo stand that we use for an entertainment unit. Someone was beginning to pull them out and eat them... So, I boxed up the ones I want to keep:
And in their place is a diaper box that makes a mighty fine toy box (and toy, itself!).

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