Friday, September 14, 2012

The further adventures...

of Charlotte!

We took a night off from family to go visit my friend. Mom volunteered to drive us over there, but I knew that Charlotte's first Metro ride would be worthy of documentation, so I turned her down.

Here she is, waiting for the train. We missed one by maybe 20 seconds because I couldn't get the #$*&*! stroller through the fare card gates. Rookie mistake. I felt like such a tourist!
Note her death grip on Oscar the dog, a gift from our cousins. He is her traveling companion.

 And here, on the way home. Just outside the frame were two tourists. She was such a flirt, laughing and grinning at them, and I swear to you, they took photos of her. She has papparazzi.

Verdict: she enjoyed the Metro trains themselves, but did not particularly enjoy the waiting for them.


  1. Aww, love this post, especially because you live in D.C. and are taking photos of the Metro! We moved from Capitol Hill to Sicily last year and I miss D.C. so much, even though I love our new home. I found your blog through the Year of Less blog and am inspired by your recent list of goals, too! How are they holding up?

  2. I love that your comment about your rookie mistake with the fare card gates, lines up with your 'About Me' city-slicker turned exurbanite comment. This is what you get for becoming a country mouse! But though I tease, I'm really glad you both made it out and we got to catch up! See you next visit?