Thursday, March 3, 2011


Cutie patootee Carly turned one over the weekend, so I offered to make a cake for her Yo Gabba Gabba-themed party. When I first decided to do this, Marissa was going to help me with the decorating, as she is far more artistically inclined than I. But one week before the party, everyone she'd invited RSVP'd yes, so I suggested that instead of both of us stressing over the cake, I'd just take care of it on my own. Secretly I was pleased because I am not good at working with someone else in the kitchen. Ask hubs. He knows to stay the hell out of my way.

And so I created a monster. Seriously. I felt like Dr. Frankenstein. I diced and spliced and iced. And this is what turned out:

I learned several lessons. One, don't try to draw eyes upside down because they turn out crooked and funny looking. Two, if someone says to you, "don't you think you should smooth it out more," you probably should. Three, never underestimate the sheer amount of frosting required to cover one and a half 9x13 cakes. And four, it is not wise to start a project of this nature without first eating breakfast.

In the top right you can see the little smash cake I sloppily iced for Carly. I wish I'd had the motivation to make that into a character, too, but apparently I ran out of steam.

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